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Popular DEMAND! Gelish by Harmony


Gelish is the world's first hybrid gel and colour.

Gelish applies like a normal polish (base coat, colour coats, t

op coat)
but is cured under a UV lamp after each coat.

The great thing about Gelish is the colors can also be layered,
so you can create your own custom signature Gelish color.
Gelish is a fantastic new soak-off product offering colour in a gel.
It is applied like a polish and has the strength of gel.
Gelish Nails are maintenance free lasting around 2 weeks and remain
s super shiny!!!
This is no ordinary manicure treatment. This will give you a permanent nail colour which can be used on natural nails,enhancements and is gre
at for toes.

Gelish is a new experience in nail care -

* No Peeling

* No Cracking
* No Smudging
* Flawless Finish
* No Chipping

* Soak off in 15 mins

Gelish is an ideal product for anyone who is looking for something just

that little bit special or is having their regular enhancements removed

and still needs protection on their nails. This product is abso lutely

brilliant for nail bitters as it allows your nails to grow whilst
nourishing the natural nail which means nice healthy "own" natural

Once tried, you will not look back.It is a fantastic product which is becoming increasingly popular.If low maintenance nail care w ith a g

lossy f
inish is what you are looking for then Gelish is perfect for you!

If you want to see gelish tutorials , then you can search in youtube.

Gelish is the perfect polish for people who really do not have time to
go for a pedicure or manicure once every two weeks.

Harmony Gelish - Neon Series $26


Explore the laws of Attraction with Gelish Magneto, a collection of EFX Magnetic Gel-Polish and Nail Lacquer that instantly transforms your manicure from natural to extraterrestrial. The metallic particle enriched nail colors fuse with the magnet to create nail art that is truly a force to be reckoned with. The two easy to apply formulas are currently available in six unique ATTRACT-ive shades.

How Does Gelish® Magneto Work?

To create the magnetic EFX design pattern, while the nail is still wet, immediately place the cap that contains the magnet directly above the nail for 3-5 seconds (Place the lip of the cap just above the cuticle area allowing the magnet to be positioned perfectly above the nail).
If using the Magnetic Gel Polish, cure under the LED 18G light for 30 seconds or a UV light for 2 minutes. If using Magneto Lacquer, let dry completely and finish with a top coat


Gelish Colour (15ml) @ $26 each

Harmony Gelish - The Magic of Aurora Gelish EFX $26

PH Bond @ $14

PH BOND is used in the preparation of the nail as a dehydrating step. This product is essential in the proper preparation of the nail plate. PHBOND can be used in all types of
services including acrylic applications, gel nails, any nail adhesives and tip applications, as well as prior to any base coat or nail strengthener for optimal performance. Size 1/2 oz -15ml.

Gelish Foundation Gel 15ml @ $30 each
Gelish Base Coat or Gelish FOUNDATION Base Gel creates the adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel products. This product secures adhesion while not damaging the natural nail plate. Gelish Base Gel will work with Hand & Nail Harmony GELISH products as a base for Gelish Structure or Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish. Gelish Foundation cures in 10 seconds in a LED Light or 30 seconds in a 36-watt UV Light. Size: 15ml – 1/2oz.

Gelish Top Coat 15ml @ $25
Gelish Top Coat or Gelish Top It Off Gel is a sealer top gel designed to

create the ultimate finish with your Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish. Top It Off Coat creates a high shine that will not dull, chip or peel from the Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish. Top It Off gel is a soak off gel product that can quickly be removed with Soak Off Gel Remover. Gelish Top It Off cures in 30 seconds in a LED Light or 2 minutes in a UV Light. Available in: 15ml– 1/2oz

Gelish Gel Cleanser 120ml @ $14
Gelish Cleanser is designed special formulated to work with Gelish Top It Off. Gelish Cleanser will assure a high shine finish without any tacky residue or without dry
ing to the skin. Size 4 oz.
Gelish Gel Soak-Off Solution 120ml @ $14
Gelish Soak Off Gel Remover is designed to remove Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish
Dries in minutes. Soak Off Gel Remover has conditioning additives the keep the skin from drying and maintain a healthy nail. Gelish Soak Off Gel Remover will remove the Soak Off Gel Polish with proper application in 10 minutes or less. Size: 120ml – 4oz

Mini RED Carpet LED UV Light- Price $95

Gel or hybrid formulas designed to respond to LEDs will cure faster under LED UV lamps than in standard, salon UV compact fluorescent-bulb boxes — 30 seconds vs two minutes and it last longer

Mini UV Light - $55

Standard UV Lamp @ $73Power: 36W

Gelish Starter Kit Set @ Special Price
You have to buy a set to enjoy the rates below
This Package includes :

2 Choice of classic colors -$42
(You may top up $8 each to upgrade to magneto series)
(You may top up $21 each to get additional bottle of classic color)
1 Ph Bond-$13.50
1 Gelish Top Coat-$30
1 Gelish Foundation Base-$32
1 Gelish Gel Cleanser-$12
1 Gelish Gel Soak-off Solution-$12
1 Standard UV Lamp-$73
(Recommended to upgrade to Mini LED Lamp @ $92)

Total-$214.50(with Standard UV lamps)
Total-$233.50 (With LED Lamps)

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